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This website is detail information about Miani village in sargodha,In this site photos,videos or any beautifull event occur in Miani will be uploaded Miani is a town in Sargodha District, Bhalwal tehsil Punjab province, Pakistan. It is about 70 km from Sargodha city.It is situated on the bank of Jhelum river just few Kilometers from salt range mountains the biggest salt mine at asia is located in Khewra on the salt mountains, right across and north from Miani and Pind Dadan Khan . Its population strength is about 45000.


Miani had a substantial population of Hindus and Sikhs, especially Khatri Kukhrans, before the partition of India. The Khatris had to leave their ancestral homes and move to India after partition. Sargodha itself was the homeland of Khatris and had a large concentration of the ancient Khatri clans. Khatris are found among both Hindu/Sikh as well as Muslim Punjabis. Some Khatris were converted to Islam after he introduction of Islam into the Punjab. Miani continues to have a population of Muslim Khatris.
Pre-partition, there were also many Hindu Brahmin families living in Miani. There were Gosain Brahmins of six clans, some of which are Balak-nathiye, Dabre, Bhature. The details are available with Purohits at Haridwar, India, a most holy place for Hindus on the banks of holy river Ganges. They were living, before partition, in and around Jhikki Gali of Miani, which was near a 'Roni Khui' or a well. These Gosain families would marry their children into Bagge, Kapooriye Saraswat Brahmins of the region. Other Brahmin families of Miani were Mohyal Brahmins, mainly Dutt. A very large house belonging to a Dutt family still stands tall in Miani with the name 'Krishen Niwas' inscribed in Hindi on the elaborately carved, large wooden doors (for which Miani & Bhera were famous). This door has also engravings of Lord Krishna, lotus etc. Moreover, Miani has also been dominated by the Khawaja family. Almost all of them have moved out of Miani after the partition to urban centers such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in search of a better livelihood.
Miani was nicknamed Namak-Miani (salt Miani) because it was the main marketplace for salt that was mined from the mountains around Khewra. It had quite a historic significance (more than now) and there are two doors of 18th century to the village on display in Lahore Fort in Lahore. The sheikhs are the land lord official and the political. The family which established business in this area before partition belonged to SUMLANWALA near Miani. Thy are called Ameerke. There forefather name was Ameer Khan. whose business spread all over India. He delt in salt,raw sugar, rice and leather.

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